About Us

Our Story

Hey everyone! My name is Frank and I love to bake. In fact, I have been baking for my friends and family for decades. For years now, I have been known for bringing delicious baked goods to events, parties, and holidays. Many have asked me- “When are you going to open your own bakery?”. Well, now I have. Welcome to Frank’s Bakery! I make delicious cakes, scones, breads and more, from my kitchen to yours. I love making food that makes people happy, that helps create fun memories, and allows people to enjoy life just a little bit more.


Whether it’s an office party, a family get together, an event with friends, a way to show someone you love them, or just a special treat for you, I would love to help you make whatever event or experience you are part of special. Thank you for stopping by and thinking of Frank’s Bakery for your special occasion! When you support a small business, you’re supporting a dream. I hope you enjoy every bite of every purchase. Check out the website on a regular basis for weekly specials, seasonal items, and new products!

*Baker’s Hint: Our products are amazing as is, for optimal flavor warm in the
microwave for 10-12 seconds.
This food is made in a home kitchen and is not inspected by the Department of State Health Services or a local health department.